Monday, October 12, 2009

Unfortunately, Carol

I was nudged on my sister Peggy's blog to google, "Unfortunately, Carol" and check out the results. She originally saw this idea on Carla Sonheim's blog.
Here is just a sampling of the results:
Unfortunately, Carol has been crabby for quite a while now.
Unfortunately, Carol's career was cut short when she died under mysterious causes.
Unfortunately, Carol and Mike are in the cave again, trying to find that bracelet that Carol dropped in the previous arachnid encounter.
Unfortunately, Carol's plan backfired, because most men don't respond well to being "wooed."
Unfortunately, Carol's daytrip to Paradise is spoiled by Multiple Man--no, not that Multiple Man, the DC one.
Unfortunately, Carol's words result more in perspiration than inspiration.
Unfortunately, Carol has never been able to catch on from Grandma's teachings.
Unfortunately Carol had used the jar containing his DNA as a candy jar.
Unfortunately, Carol violated her parole by mashing the potatoes for dinner. They were lumpy.
Unfortunately, Carol lacked the quick wit to get back at the mean girls.
Unfortunately, Carol was in recuperation during our second visit after impaling her arm on a knife that Dave had bought to replace a damaged one.
Unfortunately, Carol got into the vodka pretty fast.
Unfortunately, Carol was allergic to monkeys.
Unfortunately, Carol is in Spain and cannot buy the nicely packaged lard this year.

Unfortunately, all true.

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